Daily Schedule

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7:45-8:00                     Unpack, Bathroom, Check Planners 

8:00-8:25                     Number Corner, Calendar

8:25-8:45                     Shared Reading (Big Book, poem)

 8:45-9:45                     Introduce or Review Centers

                                         Centers/Read with students

 9:45-10:00                   Clean up and Share Centers

 10:00-10:20                 Recess

 10:25-10:45                 Read Aloud/ Bathroom Break

10:45-11:15                 Lunch

 11:15-11:30                 Rest Time/Bathroom Break/Water

 11:30- 12:30                Writing Workshop


                                                Mini Lesson

                                                Interactive Writing       

                                                Independent Writing/Conferences



12:30-1:15                   Enhancement/Conference

1:15- 2:00                    Math/ Math Workplaces

 12:30- 1:45                  Character Education (Mondays Only)

 2:00-2:20                     Science/Soc. Studies/ Health

 2:20-2:45                     Choice Time

 2:45-2:55                     Pack up

2:55                             Send Car Riders/Take Bus Riders


 Enhancement Schedule:
Monday:          Ready Bodies
Tuesday:          Technology
Wednesday:     P.E.
Thursday:         P.E.
Friday:              Music

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